Talk with your teen about being behind the wheel

It’s a rite of passage, isn’t it? That first driver’s license and the freedom that comes with it as a teenager. Yes, having the keys to a car opens worlds that were previously closed and makes a teen feel like he or she is grown up.

But the fact is that they are not grown up. They’re only 16 or so and they are newbies behind the wheel of a car. They haven’t got much experience at the wheel but they feel as though nothing can touch them.

While we can all think back and remember those days, it’s also terrifying for a parent to consider what could happen. A big reminder of that is when parents go to get New Jersey car insurance quotes from and find that teen drivers are expensive to insure. That’s because they are responsible for significantly more accidents and claims than other age groups.

While you may be uncomfortable talking about the birds and the bees, driving should be a different story. It is super important to talk directly to your teen about driving, and especially today, to discuss how important it is to turn the cell phone off while they are driving. Kids who text while driving can find themselves in a serious accident.

It is not uncommon for kids today to drink alcohol even if they are underage. Again, it is vitally important to discuss not drinking and driving and also not getting into the car with a driver who has had something to drink. Parents should encourage their kids to call if they need a ride rather than drive with someone who is impaired.

Teens don’t feel that they are impaired after a beer or two, so it is important that parents get through to teen drivers that even one beer is too many to drive safely. Having open lines of communication with your teen can help insure that you are the first person he or she calls instead of driving under the influence.

Because kids feel so untouchable it is also important that teen drivers understand what could happen in a moment of carelessness. While the jury is out on whether or not those scary driver ed films are effective, it really is a good idea for your teen to take a formal driver education course before going solo in a car. Arm your teen with the skills he or she needs to be safe.

Why it’s important to find affordable individual Illinois health insurance plans

Finding a way to fit individual health insurance into your budget is a must. Unless you happen to be one of the lucky people who gets coverage for free for one reason or another, you’ll have to budget it into your monthly expenses at some point. Without a proper insurance policy protecting you, you could be taking a chance with your life.  While saving money is important, nothing matters more than your overall well being.  For that reason alone it’s vital to find a great insurance provider, but there are a few more reasons that you might not be considering.

The Government Fines You without It

Did you know that a recent law was passed which more or less forbids American citizens from living without proper health insurance?  In fact, citizens who do not abide by this law are subject to penalties on both their state and federal Income Taxes. If that doesn’t get your attention, then consider this: the fee for not having proper insurance is sometimes well above the cost of a full year of premiums.  At the end of the year, it truly pays to have found individual Illinois health insurance plans that fit into your budget.

Medical Bills Are Insanely Expensive

Aside from being hit with an end-of-the-year fine, health insurance also provides you with financial peace of mind.  When you visit the doctor or end up in the hospital after an emergency, the last thing you want to think about is whether or not your insurance will cover it.  Medical bills can be really expensive, so even if you don’t ever use your health insurance it still makes sense to have it because an entire year of insurance is still cheaper than one visit to the emergency room.  Individual Illinois insurance plans from a company like this are pretty abundant, so just be sure to shop around so you can find the best deal.

Doors of Opportunity Open for Insured Individuals

Another thing to consider is the fact that good individual Illinois health insurance plans can make you look better to employers, colleagues, partners, and peers.  People who have taken the time to insure themselves come across as very admirable both publicly and privately, which is definitely worth the cost of a policy. Uninsured individuals are often considered high risk in many situations, meaning insurance coverage can open several doors of opportunity for you.

What You Need to Know about Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes

There is nothing that says you have to settle on the first insurance policy you come across.  In fact, doing your research before you make a purchase can really help make things simpler and easier.  Those who are currently looking for Arizona auto insurance quotes would have the best luck if they would take the time to understand how quotes work.  If you are searching for the most comprehensive yet affordable policy, there are a few things you need to know.

Quotes Can Change without You Knowing It

Did you know that most Arizona auto insurance quotes are subject to change without notice?  That means the price you get won’t always be the price you end up paying.  The quote you receive is merely an estimate of the cost of your policy and it is based on the information you provide.  If you get a quote that you like you might have to ask the provider to put it in writing or else you could pay something different when you finally make the first installment.  

Quotes Can Be Biased

Be wary of the source of your Arizona auto insurance quotes.  Some quotes are given with a motive in mind and could represent false information.  Try to do some research on a few insurance companies before getting a quote from them, just to be sure that the provider’s reputation is intact.  This will help you find a more accurate estimate and save you from the trappings of fraud.

Not All Quotes Are Instant

You may be getting close to the time when your insurance policy will need to be instated, and thus you might be looking for instant quotes.  Keep in mind that some Arizona auto insurance quotes can take a few days to come back.  In the meantime, try to find some quick estimates so you will have something to compare later.

You Can Get Quotes Online or from an Agent

It is not necessary for you to limit your search for Arizona auto insurance quotes to just one source.  You can feasibly get quotes online or directly from the provider at a local office. In fact, speaking to an agent face-to-face might actually help you to save some time and money. In addition, you can get questions answered immediately and even become privy to special discounts and incentives that way.


The Basics of Ohio Health Insurance

If you are one of the lucky ones who already have health insurance through your job or your spouses, you don’t have to do a thing. You cannot be cancelled for using it too much so all you have to do is keep it. If you do not have health insurance, you must get it. As of March 2010, The Affordable Care Act was passed and it dictates that everyone must have health insurance. If you cannot afford health insurance you may qualify for government subsidies to get you the coverage you and your family need.

When you choose an Ohio health insurance company you will have your choice of a HMO, a PPO and a POS plan. An HMO will require that you get your primary care physician’s referral for everything you need to have done. This plan consists of complete care for you and your family including emergency room visits, x-rays, lab work, routine doctor visits, being admitted to a hospital, and therapy. You must use physicians who are in their network except if you are admitted to the emergency room.

A point-of-service plan or POS is a combination of a PPO and an HMO. While you are allowed to use doctors and specialists that are not listed in their plans, you will pay more for your coverage.

Another option is a Health Savings Account. This is where you pay for some of your health costs while your money is tax-free. You will have to have a plan that has a high deductible. Your premiums would be lower but your risks are greater.

If you have to purchase your health insurance yourself you can go directly to any insurance company and speak with an insurance agent to find the best plan for you. If you find your insurance plans to be too high for you to afford you can try the government subsidized plans that are available on the government’s website.


Other Ohio health insurance options include a COBRA which may be available to you if you leave your job. This plan is the plan you had while at work for your former employer but it is more expensive and only available for a shorter period of time.

Other optional plans include group insurance for students, disability insurance if you were to get hurt while on the job, cancer insurance, dental and vision. If you need help with any of these plans you will find more information on the website for the state of Ohio.

North Carolina Auto Insurance Quotes for Your Teen Driver

When your teenage son or daughter begins to drive, it can cause a certain amount of anxiety. Even if your child is careful, they have less experience than drivers that have been licensed for many years. This can cause them to get into accidents more easily than someone who can foresee trouble on the roadway based on more miles of driving under their belt.

The cost of insuring a teen driver can also be a concern. North Carolina auto insurance quotes  for adding your teen to your policy can be substantial. There are some approaches you can take In order to keep the costs as affordable as possible. Here’s a few ways you can keep your child safer when they’re out on the open road while you lower your North Carolina auto insurance quotes.

One great way to keep your teen driver safer is by purchasing a safer automobile for them to drive. If you refer to information available at no cost at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, you can compare the relative safety of every make, model, and production year of cars on the road and in the showroom. Since many teen drivers begin their driving career behind the wheel of used cars, it’s doubly important to check to see if the car was manufactured with safety in mind, and if it’s still considered a safe car to drive if it’s an older model.

The Insurance Institute also advises parents that there are overall approaches to purchasing a new or used car that will keep their teen safer while lowering the total of their North Carolina auto insurance quotes. The most important decision you can make is to steer away from very high-performance automobiles that encourage young drivers to break the speed limit and drive recklessly. A secondary but important condition is the size of the vehicle. Purchasing a bigger, heavier car or truck for your teen driver will ensure better overall protection in a crash. There are many models of trucks rated very safe by the Institute, but none of them are small cars.

The Insurance Institute also recommends that parents refer to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ratings for crash and safety ratings for cars and trucks. A rating of 4 or 5 from NHTSA is considered a very safe vehicle. These ratings are based on more than simple crash tests. Optional equipment on cars like electronic stability control can make it easier for teens to avoid crashes on slick road surfaces, for instance. That could make the car safer to drive while lowering the North Carolina auto insurance quotes you receive to insure the vehicle.

Easy-on-the-budget Pennsylvania home insurance quotes

You may be surprised to find that Pennsylvania home insurance quotes can be easier on the budget than most people think. The best way to find affordable coverage is to compare various companies and the discounts they offer. But even more important is to understand your needs.

So many carriers discount premiums and commonly cut prices if you combine your policies under a single company. These can be sizeable drops in premium. That is because the industry is competitive and having all of your business is desirable from a competitive standpoint. Sometimes, you can find a “new customer” discount and other times you can stick with the same carrier and get a “longevity” credit for your customer loyalty.  Perhaps these have piqued your interest.

Find out what’s covered under your insurance

It is as important to determine what’s NOT covered under your policy as it is to know what IS covered.  The point of coverage is to protect you and this requires thinking through all of your needs, not just the standard ones. Do you have expensive furniture? Have you bought a new refrigerator? Did you update wiring? Go beneath the surface and really think about what would have to be replaced if your home were a complete loss. A standard policy may not cover everything you need. You may need separate riders for some items. Then, choose accordingly.

If you are worried that this will be a super-expensive undertaking, understand that there are many discounts available. If you have a good credit record, a clean claim history, a home alarm system and other such characteristics or features that reduce your risk of loss, you are going to see dollars off your premium.  There are even some discounts you might not have come up with on your own. For example, retirees might get dollars off their premium if they live full time in their dwelling. The thought behind it is that you are around to deter theft and this lowers your risk.

Nose around online to determine how many different discounts you qualify for before you choose a carrier.

Home insurance premiums are based on risk

Risk is the bottom line when it comes to coverage. If you are a lower risk you will pay less than someone who has been assessed as a higher risk. Your objective should be to invest in home improvements that lower your risk and therefore lower your policy cost. Function over form saves you money in the long run.

Save money on California home insurance quotes

Get ready for a big surprise when you go looking for California home insurance quotes. That surprise is the number of discounts available to consumers who look for them.  That’s right. Slash the price of expensive premiums by considering the kinds of discounts for which you might qualify.

To begin, if you are like most people you have other coverage besides home. You have auto and maybe even life. Can you combine all this coverage? If you can, you are going to get a discount. It’s called “bundling” and it is worth your while to look into how it might benefit you.

Security systems reduce home insurance costs

Do you have a good home security system that is monitored by an outside service? Or do you live in a gated community?  These are theft deterrents, and anything that deters theft is going to deter loss. That means less of a likelihood of your filing a claim. That is why carriers will discount for these systems or for living in a gated community.

Have you been with the same carrier for a long time? If so, a longevity discount might be available. Are you a brand new customer? If you are, a new customer discount might apply.  For certain, if your prior claim history is clean, you are going to pay less than others whose history is not so clean.

You’ll find that California carriers are competitive. They want your business and they are willing to discount to get it.

Standard home insurance is just the start

Remember also that a standard policy is just the beginning. Earthquake damage is not included and you will need that coverage. The same is true of flood insurance.  While it is tempting to go with the minimum, some consumer experts advise against it. You do not want to be surprised when you see the size of your claim check should something bad happen.

One of the most important advances in the consumer world is the advent of online services such as ours, that allow you to easily compare various companies and what they offer without spending a lot of time on the phone or searching on your own. We also give you helpful tips (like these) to make your search simpler.

In fact, we’ve got another tip for you: make certain to keep your receipts handy in a file that you can easily find in a safe place. You may need to consult it one day.

How much Michigan home insurance is the right amount?

It is hard to fathom what could happen in a natural disaster—that a home could be completely destroyed is unimaginable. But that’s exactly why coverage exists—to protect you.  It’s daunting to get competitive Michigan home insurance quotes and think you might need to use it one day. But it’s a requirement for most lenders and it makes good sense.

So what are some of the considerations when you’re looking to buy coverage and seeking alternatives? There are many issues to consider. The biggest challenge is to determine the right dollar amount of coverage. If you under-insure you may get caught short but it’s not smart to over-insure, either.  It is a balancing act and you would be smart to think through your needs should you suffer a loss.

Here are some of the most important considerations:

  1. What would it cost to rebuild your home if it were destroyed? That is different from the resale price or the price you paid.  It is the price you would pay to  replace it in today’s dollars. Valuing your home correctly is so important.  That is the single largest expense an insurance company would have to pay out at once for most of us. If you can’t imagine it, try, because you will want to be covered.
  2. How is replacement value determined? You can’t set it alone and you’d be smart to double-check the value given by your carrier’s adjuster. Call a few contractors and pay them to provide a written replacement cost estimate you can show your carrier. Even if you pay a fee for their time and expertise, it’s well worth it.
  3. Where you live counts. The same house in New York City would cost more to replace than an identical one in Michigan. There are state variations and local variations.
  4. If you want the house to be rebuilt exactly as it is now you need to know what that will cost. Make sure your estimators know this so they can carefully calculate. Add in the cost of major appliances and any renovations you might have made.

It is never easy to consider fire or natural disaster ripping your home apart and suffering a loss of that magnitude. Still, it’s something that you must do to devise the correct amount of homeowners insurance.